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KSA’s AJEX launches China to ME full mile services

A JV between Ajlan & Bros Holding and SF Express, AJEX Logistics Services announced the launch of two new services as part of a significant phase of expansion of the company. The AJEX International e-Commerce Express (ICX) and AJEX International Express Service (IXS) will provide businesses in China, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Bahrain an enhanced portfolio of express cross-border delivery services for B2C and B2B. AJEX International E-Commerce Express (ICX) service enables B2C customers to ship their goods from China to Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Bahrain in just four to seven days, whether for single-piece or multi-piece shipments up to a 30 kg per parcel. Helping e-commerce businesses meet the demands of consumers, the ICX export and import options offer automated shipping, real-time tracking and proactive notification, and a personalized delivery experience. The IXS provides B2B customers with a fully integrated service from China to Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Bahrain in four to a week, with transit time depending on origin and destination locations.


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