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ME cargo demand rises by 18% in December 2023: IATA

Middle Eastern airlines posted 18 per cent increase in air cargo demand for domestic and international operations in December 2023 against 2022 crowning a strong global demand, which was 10.8 per cent above 2022 levels, Willie Walsh, Director General, IATA, said.

“Although full year demand was shy of pre-COVID levels by 3.6 per cent the significant strengthening in the last quarter is a sign that markets are stabilizing towards more normal demand patterns,” he added.

Middle Eastern air cargo capacity increased 17.7 per cent (+17.8% for international operations) during the same period. With an 11.5 per cent rise for international operations globally, this was the strongest annual growth performance over the past two years.

Global capacity was 13.6 per cent above 2022 levels (+14.1% for international operations), he said. Middle Eastern carriers reported an increase in demand of 1.6 per cent for global and international demand in 2023 compared to 2022 and an increase in capacity of 13.5 per cent (+13.6% for international operations).

Global full-year demand in 2023, measured in CTKs, was down 1.9 per cent compared to 2022 (-2.2% for international operations). Compared to 2019, it was down 3.6% (-3.8 for international operations).


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