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Middle East, AFLM foresees 6% CAGR growth in 2023-28

According to a new market research report titled “Middle East and Africa Freight and Logistics Market (AFLM) in (2023 – 2028),” the market is expected to register a CAGR of 6%. The economy is highly dependent on mining, which represents a third of the GDP. Morocco is a stable partner.

ReMordor Intelligence who conducted the research, Egypt and Algeria have the highest production values. However, they are known for their little international interaction and lack of developed logistics corridors.

African logistics companies are going beyond megacities and are looking to connect Africa’s rural communities to regional supply chains. While megacities are attracting millions of young Africans, Africa’s population remains predominantly rural.

Some of the trends driving the growth of the Middle East and Africa Freight and Logistics Market: The Middle East and African region are projected to grow significantly, with the Middle East witnessing significant growth annually in terms of air transport.

Cargo volumes are estimated to double in most countries of the region. At such levels, several challenges and opportunities arise. In the Middle East, the vast number of significant airport capital expansion programs are led by demand coming from the growth of domiciled carriers.


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