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‘Need to minimize risks while ferrying lithium-ion batteries’

To avoid combustion of lithium batteries, TT Club stated more research is needed. Rapid development of battery technology and uncertainties created by these developments, particularly concerning safety when the energy packs are being transported require the logistics industry to have a clear understanding of the dangers, which can include fire, explosions, and toxic gas emissions. There needs to be increased efforts to minimize the risks, and make sure there is an effective response to any catastrophic event. Indeed Peregrine Storrs-Fox, Risk Management Director at insurance mutual TT Club points out that “Lithium-ion battery fires are not an everyday occurrence. But when thermal runaway does happen, the result is release of toxic gases such as carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide, a very high temperature fire and can spread very fast.” Fires with temperatures higher than 1,000°C can be reached in a matter of seconds and, as the mix of chemicals and metals ignites, devastation can ensue. This is particularly dangerous in Middle Eastern regions, which has very high temperatures for most parts of the year. “We need to bring EV manufacturers and the batteries that power them. Their ambitions for the development of a more powerful, lighter and diverse battery cells should not be allowed should not be allowed to outstrip safety concerns surrounding their future transportation,” says Storrs Fox.

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