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Oman Post wins gold for 2nd year at Performance Awards

Oman Post, part of Asyad Group, clinched the top spot for Oman at the 2023 EMS Performance Awards, marking its second consecutive win. Alongside this achievement, Oman ranked second in EMS Customer Care among the 190 member countries of the Universal Postal Union (UPU).

Organized by the EMS Global Delivery Network, the awards celebrate postal operators connecting 175 countries and territories worldwide. Oman Post’s EMS service offers swift last-mile solutions adhering to international standards, ensuring timely transfer of mail and parcels within three to ten days. With priority delivery options for documents and merchandise, Oman Post caters to diverse customer needs, providing convenience and reliability.

Chairman Badar Al Nadabi attributed Oman’s global leadership in EMS performance to strategic business development and unwavering commitment to quality. Acting CEO Sheikh Ibrahim bin Sultan Al Hosni expressed pride in securing Oman's top global ranking for the second consecutive year, acknowledging the dedicated team's efforts. Moving forward, Oman Post aims to further optimize services to exceed customer expectations while solidifying its position as a global logistics hub.



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