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‘Qatar warehousing space to reach 2.8 mn sq. mt. by 2026’

According to a report by, the market indicates that Qatar’s warehousing space is likely to reach 2.8 million square meters by 2026, up from 2.2 million sq. mts. in 2020. Qatar’s strategic location and its investment in infrastructure have made it an ideal hub for the distribution of goods across the Middle East and beyond.

The country’s proximity to major shipping lanes, world-class seaport, and airport facilities have made it a key regional logistics center. This sector has seen a rise in automation and technology adoption, increasing efficiency and productivity. With robotics and AI, warehouses are becoming more responsive to customers’ needs.

With the country’s strategic location, infrastructure investment, and increasing technology adoption, the warehousing industry is expected to see significant growth in the coming years.

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