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Queen Alia airport’s cargo traffic reaches 6,407 tonnes

Queen Alia International Airport (QAIA) in Amman, Jordan had in January recorded 5,767 aircraft movements (ACM), down 4.2 per cent compared to 2023, Nicolas Deviller, Group CEO, Airport International said. QAIA handled 6,407 tonnes of cargo, recording a 34.6 per cent surge as opposed to 2023 numbers. “The first month of the year saw an improvement in passenger statistics, underscoring Jordan’s standing as a welcoming destination for travellers from around the world,” Deviller said. “We remain resolute in our efforts to bolster our passenger, ACM and cargo numbers, working with our partners to expand and diversify our airline and destination networks,” he said, adding, “Our unwavering aim is to deliver world-class services, ensuring passengers enjoy an exceptional travel experience that feels like home at Jordan’s prime gateway to the world.”


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