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Red Sea conflict causes rise in air cargo demand

A recent Maersk advisory showed some Asia-Europe, Middle East and transpacific sailings operating via the Suez Canal, although the majority were still diverted via the Cape of Good Hope. However, an update on January 2 confirmed the company had made the “decision to pause all transits through the Red Sea/Gulf of Aden until further notice” following an attack on its Maersk Hangzhou vessel. Meanwhile, CMA CGM Group has resumed some operations in the area and on December 26 said that it would increase the number of vessels travelling through the Suez Canal. Woodland Group warned of continued disruption. On December 29, the company said: “Despite the recently formed multi-national coalition to increase security in the Red Sea, drone and missile attacks targeting commercial shipping continue to interrupt vessel movements on this busy route.” According to Bolloré Logistics, the decision by major shipping lines to reroute a majority of containerships through the Cape of Good Hope “represents more than 350 vessels and close to 5 million TEUS over a two weeks’ period”.

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