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Saudi ministry launches new unified call center number

The Saudi Ministry of Transport and Logistic Services inaugurated the unified call center number, 19955, designed to receive inquiries and suggestions, and address complaints and reports by beneficiary service centers in the transport and logistics sectors. The unified call center aims to improve response time, and communication and coordination between industry sectors and beneficiaries. Operating from 8 am to 5 pm, it receives and logs requests, and ensures prompt resolutions, within 10 days, through follow-up and coordination with relevant authorities.

The center aims to improve public service by increasing cooperation among the sector beneficiary service centers. It enables direct communication between beneficiaries and the ministry, and simplifies the process of submitting inquiries and suggestions, Assistant Minister of Transportation and Logistics Services Ahmed S. Alhassan emphasized. The center accepts requests in Arabic and English, catering to the needs of citizens, residents and visitors.


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