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Saudi TGA takes initiatives to check online delivery sector

Saudi Transport General Authority (TGA) has taken certain decisions aimed at regulating KSA’s online delivery sector. As per a release, they are targeted at controlling and governing the sector and raising the efficiency bar of drivers and services provided.

The TGA stated these decisions included obligating non-Saudis to work through light transport companies in a gradual manner covering a maximum period of 14 months, implementing several possibilities, specifying regulations for use of motorcycles in delivery of orders in coordination with General Directorate of Traffic, and obligating last-mile delivery firms to implement the face verification feature for their drivers through a system directly linked to the TGA.

The decisions also included adopting a uniform for non-Saudis engaged in last-mile delivery. The TGA revealed the gradual phases of implementing its decisions in regulating the delivery sector, as it will begin to activate the delivery of orders to non-Saudi drivers through light transport firms, while allowing self-employment for citizens and preventing non-Saudis from self-employment according to the regions, in addition to establishing controls on the use of motorcycles to deliver orders, applying uniforms for workers in the activity, and allowing advertisements on light transport vehicles.

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