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Sohar Port & FZE create region’s first LNG bunkering project

SOHAR Port and Freezone has signed a sub-usufruct agreement with Marsa Liquefied Natural Gas LLC, a joint venture between TotalEnergies EP Oman Development B.V. and OQ, for the development of an LNG liquefaction plant in SOHAR Port. This project is set to significantly reduce the industry’s carbon footprint, advance SOHAR as a forerunner in the global green energy revolution and establish SOHAR Port as the first LNG bunkering hub in the region.

Commenting on the agreement, Sergio Giorgi, Managing Director and Country Chair, Marsa LNG LLC Interim CEO, stated, “At Marsa, we’re dedicated to driving impactful changes and embracing sustainable solutions that deliver both environmental and economic dividends. The LNG bunkering project exemplifies our shared dedication to pioneering innovation and sustainability. We’re honored to collaborate with SOHAR Port on this pioneering initiative that promises to shape the future of our industry.”


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