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Sustainability key for air cargo stakeholders: TIACA

Pressures for sustainable air cargo from all stakeholders accelerated last year, according to the 2023 Insights Report. TIACA believes that this shows that sustainability now more than ever is at the forefront of everyone's minds.

Conducted for the third year from October2022 to January 2023, the annual Air Cargo Industry Sustainability Survey reveals trends affecting the sector and its approach to sustainability: a) Sustainability remains a broad concept, with many ways to define it for the 258 companies having participated in the survey.

However, the environment still dominates how industry defines it. b) Though the sustainability pressure has increased by 9 points compared to last year, mainly driven by expectations from customers (78%), employees (69%) and business partners (62%). c) The pressure from regulators is increasing year on year: only 37 per cent of the respondents in 2021 were indicating regulatory pressure, while it is now 55 per cent.


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