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‘Technology is game changer in last-mile segment’

The KSA-based AJEX Logistics Service’s investment in technology has led to reliable deliveries, bolstering customer satisfaction, resulting in strong YoY growth and customer satisfaction scores. “Technology is game changer in the last mile sector,” says Fahad Al Salhi, Chief Solutions Officer. “By leveraging innovations such as GPS, AI, and IoT at the firm, we ensure real-time tracking, precise delivery time predictions, reduce operational costs, and improve customer satisfaction through real-time updates and seamless communication,” he added. “Adoption of tools such as chatbots, shipper portals, and mobile applications simplify order placement and provide real-time shipment tracking. AI-powered algorithms analyze historical data to predict shipping times and anticipate delays, enabling proactive planning and informed decision-making. Technologies like real-time monitoring and temperature mapping are crucial for healthcare and government, maintain the security and integrity of sensitive products throughout the last mile,” he explained.


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