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UAE, Austria sign agreement in field of air transport services

In a boost to trade relations, the United Arab Emirates signed a finalised air transport services agreement with the Republic of Austria at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the capital, Vienna. The agreement, which aims to strengthen air transport and cargo relations between the two countries, was signed on behalf of the UAE by Hamad Al Kaabi, UAE Ambassador to the Republic of Austria, and on the Austrian side by Peter Launsky Tieffenthal, Secretary-General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Saif Mohammed Al Suwaidi, Director-General of the General Civil Aviation Authority, said, “The signing of this agreement will enhance the distinguished relations between our two countries, create new opportunities for trade, support the operations of national carriers, enhance private sector partnership, and encourage economic competition.” In turn, Al Kaabi said, “This agreement paves the way for strengthening bilateral relations between the two countries and increasing trade exchange, especially in light of the expected rise in reciprocal flights and the bolstered air transport services network, which will benefit transport companies in both countries and support the tourism sector.”

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