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Zajel joins decarbonisation move to cut CO2 footprint

Zajel is looking into different methods in which the company can contribute to the plight against climate change and environmental degradation via various means. One of the ways the company has decided to do this is through educational workshops and raising awareness amongst its employees. “There are small changes everyone can do that would make a difference. Even if the steps are small, eventually we will all reach the goal of reducing our carbon footprint, which will benefit the bigger goal of net zero 2050,” Nabeel Al Kharabsheh, General Manager, Zajels.

The company is dedicated to embracing environmentally friendly practices and has taken measures in implementing the strategy through the utilization of recyclable materials for all operations. To avoid the purchase of non-recyclable materials, the company has partnered with other companies committed to environmental preservation. As part of this sustainability initiative, Zajel is collaborating with vendors who possess environmental certifications or utilize recycled materials, aligning with the company’s CSR vision and working towards ensuring that all vendors are certified or use recyclable materials.


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