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11% decline in global air cargo in Q1 of 2023: WorldACD data

Global air cargo chargeable weight flown in the first quarter of 2023 ended up -11 per cent compared to Q12022. “But a look into the WorldACD’s data reveals behind those figures there is variation globally, depending on factors such as origin point or region, product type, shipment weight, and whether cargo was flown via freighter or passenger belly capacity, stated a release. The overall tonnage performance of the different main origin regions ranges from a +1 per cent year-on-year (YoY) increase in volumes originating from Africa and from Central & South America (C&S America) to -18 percent from North America and -16 per cent from Asia Pacific with Europe at -5 per cent and Middle East & South Asia (MESA) closer to the average at -8 per cent. Breaking down those origin figures reveals the 16 per cent drop from APAC includes a 24 per cent decline in intra-Asia traffic and a 21 per cent fall in traffic to North America, and modest declines to Europe (-10 per cent) and Africa (-9 per cent) despite a capacity rise of +7 per cent ex-Asia Pacific. The total also hides a 30 per cent rise in traffic ex-Asia Pacific to C&S America and a nine per cent rise to MESA.


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