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dnata adds drones to Dubai cargo operations

dnata has integrated autonomous drones into its cargo operations in Dubai, Guillaume Crozier, dnata’s Senior Vice President, UAE Cargo and Global Cargo Strategy, said. This initiative has enhanced operational efficiencies and delivered benefits for airline customers at Dubai International and Dubai World Central airports, dnata stated.

Presently, dnata’s drones monitor 1,800 shipments daily, with 99 per cent accuracy across 2,400 rack locations. dnata’s partner, Gather AI, enables the drones to map the environment, collect inventory data, count cases, measure temperature, and read barcodes using their cameras, without the need for any additional active infrastructure.

“We are thrilled to witness the results that our drone technology has brought to our cargo operations. The precision and reliability of these drones have surpassed our expectations,” Crozier said. The use of drones has reduced carbon footprint and improved safety and they can operate between 0°C and upwards by 50°C in a closed environment. dnata is also planning to introduce them at more stations across its global cargo network in the next years.


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