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e-commerce major, Omniful raises US$5.85 million for seed round

Cloud-based supply chain and e-commerce enablement platform, Omniful, which is focused on hyperlocal and omnichannel commerce, has raised US$5.85 million for its seed round. Mostafa Abolnasr, Co-Founder and CEO, said, “The future of commerce is hyperlocal and omnichannel, with consumers expecting brands to be closer to them, to deliver faster and offer a personalised experience.

At Omniful, we are equipping merchants in this $4+ trillion industry with a single platform to manage their sales channels and deliver on time and in full, improving their efficiency by 40 per cent and customer retention by 15 per cent. Our seed round marks a major milestone, and together with our investors, we are excited about going out of stealth and launching our sales and marketing efforts in MEA and India, followed by Europe and the USA.” Founded in 2021 by Mostafa Abolnasr and Alankrit Nishad, Omniful provides merchants and 3PL fulfilment providers, a unified next-generation order management system, warehouse management system, and transport management system to build, grow, and scale their business.

The company ensures real-time inventory management across diverse digital and physical integrated sales channels. In streamlining the entire supply chain journey, Omniful customers can manage inventory flow irrespective of where orders originate to create superior experiences for end-consumers. In the MENA region, at least 30 per cent of all orders face fulfilment delays, leading to more than 8 per cent revenue loss, which has become an acceptable scenario for most merchants. In the past 12 months, Omniful customers that fully utilise Omniful’s Order Management and Fulfilment System saw an average 35 per cent increase in monthly revenue (YoY), with more than 96 per cent of orders shipped on time and in full.


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