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January cargo volumes record rise over last year: World ACD

Worldwide air cargo demand in January remains ‘significantly up’ over a year ago with improvements across nearly all the main regions, according to the latest figures from WorldACD. Figures from the company show that in the two weeks running to January 21, air cargo demand levels are up 5 per cent compared with the same period last year.

A 21 per cent increase in tonnages ex-Middle East & South Asia may reflect some conversion of ocean freight to air and sea-air cargo due to the Red Sea disruptions. The improvements are across all major regions, except North America.

While demand continues to improve, airlines have also been busy adding aircraft back into service resulting in a 12 per cent rise in capacity. Rates are down 22 per cent at US$2.35 per kg in the light of the capacity additions and high rates this period last year.

However, they are still 32 per cent up on pre-COVID.  WorldACD stated some of the increase in demand may reflect a reflect to air or sea-air due to vessels diverting around the Cape of Good Hope as a result of Houthi attacks on ships passing through the Red Sea.



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