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Naqel Express by SPL partners with RSG for logistics industry

Red Sea Global (RSG), The Red Sea and Amaala, has awarded a contract to NAQEL Express by SPL, MENA, to provide logistics services, Dr. Fadi Al-Buhairan, Acting CEO, NAQEL Express, said.

As part of the partnership, NAQEL Express will be using biofueled and electric vehicles. This aligns with RSG’s smart and sustainable mobility strategy, which prioritizes the use of electric, hydrogen and biofueled vehicles across the destination wherever possible.

NAQEL Express, a fully owned subsidiary of Saudi Post Logistics (SPL), will operate all long-haul and local transportation services for The Red Sea. NAQEL Express is looking forward to a fruitful partnership, Dr. Al-Buhairan said.

NAQEL Express will also provide logistics equipment, supply chain technologies and labour. Five solar farms with 760,000 photovoltaic panels have already been built to power phase one of the destinations, including its EV fleet and charging network, he added.

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