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Tonnages, rates in Middle East drop 7%: World ACD data

Global air cargo tonnages and rates appear to have stabilised after recovering from China’s National Day Golden Week in October, according to WorldACD Market Data’s latest weekly figures. Comparing weeks 41 and 42 this year with the preceding two weeks (2Wo2W), overall tonnages, worldwide rates and also capacity increased by 1 per cent versus their combined total in weeks 39 and 40.

At a regional level, decreases in tonnages (2Wo2W) were recorded on flows outbound from Europe to, respectively, Africa (-8%), Central & South America (-8%), and Middle East & South Asia (-7%). Elsewhere, tonnages were down ex-APAC to Middle East and South Asia and ex-Middle East and South Asia to Europe (-5%). The biggest percentage increases were found on flows to APAC, from Europe (+11%) and Middle East & South Asia (+8%), while intra-Asia Pacific tonnages also rose (+11%) on a 2Wo2W basis. Decreases were recorded ex-Middle East & South Asia to Asia Pacific (-4%), ex-Africa to Europe (-4%), and ex-North America to Europe (-3%).


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